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What happens when two classes collaborate and produce something tangible for themselves and our community? The Giving Garden Project! 
Through this initiative, Botany and Introduction to Culinary Arts have joined together to grow food and then cook it! 

Station: WHRO-TV | CPB ► Check out this article on WHRO about the Giving Garden!

What's Growing?


Mustard Brussel Sprouts
Bok Choy Carrots
Broccoli Cauliflower
Collards Butter Crunch Lettuce



Tomato Corn
Watermelon Cantaloupe
Peppers Strawberries


Tarped and empty garden
Bok Choy
Garden Plants Growing
Watering the Garden
Students in and by empty garden
Students with empty garden
Growing plants
Students measuring plants
students standing near garden beds
plants newly planted in garden
students planting in garden
students planting in garden
plants ready to be planted in garden
students measuring and cutting bok choy in garden
two female students holding up bok choy from garden
buds of lettuce growing
lettuce in garden
students in garden with seedlings
students in garden measuring lettuce
students in garden with lettuce
students in garden
students in garden

What's Cooking?

Stay tuned here for upcoming recipes and video tutorials on how to prepare easy meals using the ingredients we're growing!

2023-2024 Recipes

2022-2023 Recipes

What's Next?

Soon, we will be selling herbs to our teachers that they can use in the meal planning!

Look for a great gift for Mother's Day at our plant sale in the Spring. Ceramic class will make the pots and then the potted plants will be sold to all!

All proceeds will go directly back into the program!

Did You Know?

Even our raised garden beds were "Home Grown!" As part of an Eagle Scout Project led by Patrick Nelson, this area was cleared and prepped for this project. Here are some pictures from the process!

students building garden beds
students building garden beds
students building garden beds
students building garden beds
students building garden beds with tractor
students building garden beds