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Dr. George Cunningham

Student Last Names A-Fi

Mrs. Katherine Banton

Student Last Names Fl-Mo

Mrs. Lynn Neenan

Student Last Names Mu-Z

Rosalyn Sklute

PHS Registrar

Each counselor works hard to meet the social, emotional, and academic support needs of our students on a daily basis. Questions regarding scheduling, emotional support, ways to get involved, as well as questions about graduation can be directed through the Counseling Office.

Phone Number: 757-868-4116         Fax Number: 757-868-3141

Mrs. Rosalyn Sklute, PHS Registrar, extension 1: 

Dr. George Cunningham, Counseling Director, extension 2:

Mrs. Katherine Banton, School Counselor, extension 3:

Mrs. Lynn Neenan, School Counselor, extension 4:


Need a Transcript?If you are a graduate from prior to 2001, please use this form to request a transcript from the Main Office.

If you graduated between 2001-2022, please visit  to receive a copy of your transcript.